Volvo XC40 Price (GST Rates), Images, Mileage, Colors

Volvo XC40 Price (GST Rates), Images, Mileage, Colors

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is very famous for that fact that their cars are known for being at the pinnacle of car safety. This badge has stuck to Volvo for some time now and Volvo became primarily know for making those clinical cars that were only bought for their safety aspects and nothing else. In 2018 Volvo bought out its XC40, its offering for the compact SUV market and provide competition to the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and to do so Volvo is trying to shed its previous reputation by offering a car that is stylish and modern with the company mainly aiming at the younger generation of customers.

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In respect to the size of the car it is larger than its competition; some would mistake it for a shrunken XC60 but that it is not. Instead for the design of the car Volvo has forgone using a lot of chrome and only uses it sparingly and has instead opted for contrasting colors such as a white body with a black roof.

This car is styled upright and with its 18-inch wheels pushed out giving the car a very strong look. The car is only available in one variant which is called the R-Design and it comes fully loaded and sports features that are usually attributed to a price class one or two levels above it. A lot of the instrumentation is borrowed from the car’s bigger brothers such as the XC 60 and XC 90.

The wheel, the touchscreen infotainment panel, the digital instrument cluster are the same as the bigger Volvos and that means excellent and clear usability. There is a difference from the bigger cars though with lovely textured plastic and lovely carpeting in the footwells giving the car a youthful look.

The electronics package is what this car is all about though, it is what puts the car in a class above. With radar assisted semi autonomous driving allowing the car to drive itself for short stretches of time without any driver input at all. This combined with the range of safety features such as collision mitigation, which coming from Volvo is best in class anywhere in the world, adaptive cruise controls all work to make the car stand out from its competition.


The engine is no slouch either, with a 190bhp and 400Nm engine this car is more than capable of having a bit of fun, although not as peppy as the BMW or the Mercedes it is more than capable of being zippy.


Being a premium offering from the company, Volvo XC40 pricerange starts from Rs 39.9 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 43.90 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi).

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