Technology and Social Trends in CRM Software Development

Technology and Social Trends in CRM Software Development

Technology and Social trends expanding rapidly. To stay ahead in the competition and keeping your business on top position, you have to run with these trends. In 80’s companies were using front-end applications like CMS. Then in 90’s companies moved to technology where Automation of business process was in core. Now in the 20th century, these revolutionary changes expanding great opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Most influencing technology trend is AI. The legends like Airbnb and Netflix already infuse AI. Another best example is Google’s Page Rank and iPhone’s face detection which are part of our everyday life.

Now let’s talk about how these trends have influenced the CRM Software Development.

  1. Business Centric CRM to Social CRM

In past business was only focusing on the Automation of process and storing customer information. But with the evolution of Social media channels, now it is so important to keep engaging your clients through social media. Social CRM helps to work with customers more closely. One of the best examples of this is Comcast company, who first integrate twitter to CRM and they found it very successful for driving unusual complains.

Benefits of Social CRM

  • Give support to customer on the channels which they are using most
  • Track conversation and capture the real-time market data
  • The quick lead generation method
  • Gethar the feedback from a customer
  • Respond instantly to a negative review and try to resolve it before it becomes the threat to your business.
  1. AI

As we discuss before, AI is one of the biggest trends in this era. AI allows reaching the right client at the right time. Nowadays Gmail and LinkedIn are offering prediction answer to the message and mail. This is another example of AI. AI-powered CRM not only automates the business process but also learn from the past data that what will be need of the customer and what will be an answer to this question.

  1. Third Party Integration

Let’s take an example of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. These both products are far different, although they are belonging to the same brand. But when they are integrated into CRM it makes the system super powerful. Every business has own needs and requirements and most of these can be met with third-party integration tools.

  1. AR

Here are the few examples of B2B companies which are using AR.

  • Google: To get real-time translation just scan the text through Google Translation App and translate your text in 29 languages.
  • Oracle: It uses AR in field service management to repair a slot machine.
  • Boeing: Boeing implements the AR for Airplane technicians to make manufacturing and maintenance easier.

Companies are using AR for marketing and sales like advertising, campaigns, user engagement.

  1. Chatbots

Like Siri and Alexa, integrating chatbots to CRM can help in data entry and set up activities. Chatbot can provide real-time customer information and hours of operations. Chatbots with AI can enhance answers of the question and help to resolve queries fast. Thus the speed of the task improves a lot.

  1. Mobile Versions

With Android and iOS app development for CRM, you can reach the customer anytime anywhere. You can give a quick support to the client which increase the customer experience. With CRM Mobility employees can easily communicate with colleagues.

  1. Omnichannel

With the increasing demand of customers, business should be quick responding on every channel with the same customer experience. Modern CRM unifies many channels like social campaigns, sales calls, and mobile marketing.

Such CRM Software solution is a backbone of any grown or growing businesses. Kanhasoft  has strong experience in delivering solutions for startups, medium and large scale enterprise companies. Need a CRM, a web-based solution or an mobile application? Share your ideas on by contacting us.

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