Norton customer support UK

Norton customer support UK

Norton provides many versions of its antivirus software, which are Basic, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. The Deluxe version has many features but certain features are not present in it. The Deluxe version supports the system and protects it from various types of attacks like malware, ransomware, viruses, spyware, etc.Users can contact the Norton Customer Support UK in order to get help of the customer support executive if he faces any problem in using the software.

Here we will discuss the features of the Deluxe version.

  • The Deluxe version helps to protect the system from various types of attacks and online threats.
  • The sensitive information like financial and private are protected when the consumer goes online.
  • It uses the cyber intelligence network in order to protect the systems from cyber threats.
  • The firewall present in the software protects the system from unauthorized access. The hackers are unable to access financial information and personal files.
  • The Deluxe version is updated automatically if the company releases any update and this protects the system from latest threats.
  • A customer support executive is always available with the user as soon as he subscribes the deluxe version.
  • After subscribing the deluxe version, users can protect the devices using any of the operating system like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.
  • There is a web portal provided by the company, which is easy to use, and users can manage the protection of all his devices.

These are the features, which are not available in the deluxe version but available in the Premium.

  • Helping the kids to browse the internet safely
  • Backing up data automatically according to the configuration
  • 25GB of free storage

That is the reason that the Deluxe version is cheaper than the Premium one.

Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Secure VPN

Norton Security Deluxe protects the devices from various threats and Norton Secure VPN encrypts the data that is being sent and received through Wi-Fi. Users can check mails, access social media sites, and pay the bills safely.

Analyze Online Threats

A brand new system can be easily infected as free and inferior quality software is not able to secure the system from the sophisticated software used by the hackers. The hackers use such software that can easily access the data from an insecure computer. Norton keeps a check on the existing as well as new types of attacks and helps the user to protect his data. That is the reason it keeps releasing software updates at regular intervals.

Multiple OS Protection

Users can buy one subscription of deluxe version and protect many devices running on different operating systems. The antivirus software is easy to install and users can watch videos, do shopping, pay bills or check the balance in their bank account.

If the antivirus software is installed on an Android device, then it will provide the information regarding the apps which can impact the battery life or about the malware that the app has. In this way, the user will not download and will be able to save his smartphone from the malware.

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