Lexus LX 570 is more than just a fancy Toyota Land Cruiser

Lexus LX 570 is more than just a fancy Toyota Land Cruiser

The all-new 2019 Lexus LX 570 is grabbing a lot of attention this year. The full-stack SUV is a fully loaded performance machine with sophistication adhered in its every bit gives a completely new experience. The superb off-road capability is poised to tackle every road condition. The SUV also features exceptional handling during rush hours and an all-time active Four-wheel Drive system. All these advanced capabilities integrated into the Lexus LX 570 bring out the best from the car. Breakthrough performance and classy interiors satisfy the Lexus Badge.

Talking of performance, the fully loaded LX 570 is equipped with a massive 5.7 Liter V8 Engine churning out more than 380 horsepower and 7000 lbs. of towing capacity and an insane 4.3 lb.-ft. of Torque which seems out of this world. This massive SUV is built to conquer roads with five driving modes. This huge SUV tops a 0-6 mph in just 7.3 seconds which surely means a commendable job displayed by the Engineers. The top track speed reaches up to 137 Mph. The LX has a turning circle of 38.7 feet, thanks to the active all-wheel-drive system. The 2019 Lexus LX 570 price starts at MSRP $86,080 for the two-row model and goes to MSRP $100,670 for the Inspiration series.

With such outstanding performance delivered by the huge Engine, Lexus has managed to keep Ultra-low emissions passing the ULEV II standards. Every dynamic of the car starts with the chassis. In case of the Lexus LX 570, the chassis is thoroughly a state-of-the-art build with Independent double wishbone, height adjustable front suspension with a high-performance four-link, height adjustable with stabilizer bar rear suspension system. The suspension controls are managed by high precision electronic shock absorbers which ensures very high comfort and exceptional performance on all terrains.

The brakes are a high performance 13.9 inch ventilated front discs and 13.5-inch rear discs. All the wheels are assisted by four sensors and Multi-Terrain Anti-Lock braking system a development done by Lexus for its high-end SUVs. Gasoline galloping Engine delivers a mileage of about 13 MPG in the city and 18 MPG on highways. The special all-terrain mud and snow rated 21 x 8.5-inch tires give further assurance of uninterrupted performance throughout.

Cutting edge technology is used in the 2019 Lexus LX 570. Some samples are a large 12.3-inch split screen display featuring high resolution and are always ready for simultaneous access to climate controls, multimedia, a Navigation system, and many more applications. Adding to all the infotainment features the screen also displays technical data like current speed, detect nearby gas stations when you run low on fuel, 3-D street views and many more.

The cutting-edge system can be switchable among three languages English, Spanish or French. Other technologies like destination assist, Dual-screen rear-seat entertainment, signature Lexus Enform App suite, Head-up color display, Wireless charging station, bass-rich high-quality Mark Levinson surround sound audio system, Sirius XM satellite radio and a plethora of other high-tech features are integrated into the 2019 LX 570.

With very advanced proactive safety features you are safer than ever in the new luxury SUV. Signature Lexus Enform safety connect system which assists you on-road and at times when you need it the most. Crawl Control Turn Assist system which can be activated with a touch of a button helps to maintain an optimal pace.  Advanced multi-view monitor which gives you a panoramic view of your immediate surrounding. Triple-beam LED headlamps gives distant signals with its eye-catching L-shape. Hill start assistance helps in boosting driver confidence while ascending terrains. The active 10-airbags system keeps you safe in case of a collision. Parking assistance, Vehicle stability control, Smart stop technology all comes as a standard with the LX package.

If you are looking for a premium high-performance SUV this year then this can be your ultimate choice of preference with zero glitches.

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