Jack Elway- How Does Discipline Improve Performance of an Athlete

Jack Elway- How Does Discipline Improve Performance of an Athlete

Athletes new and old should be organized and disciplined when they work out or participate in tournaments. Every sport is demanding, and it is crucial for every athlete to get the proper food and rest for optimal performance in the field. The levels of competition for athletes are quite high. One has to face a number of challenges. Anything can take place anytime. Discipline and organization help the athlete to combat these challenges and perform well in the world of sport.

Jack Elway- tips for athlete fitness and workouts

Jack Elway is a sports enthusiast in the USA, and he says that one should always pay attention to exercise, rest and nutrition in the field of sports. The competition is intense, and if one is a new athlete and wishes to perform in professional tournaments, he or she should work very hard. Routine workouts should be scheduled daily. They should not suffer from physical and mental fatigue. They need to consult sports nutritionists for consuming the right diet. The food they take influences their performance to a great extent. Athletes need to follow a routine, and so enjoyment is limited. Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited, and they need to follow the instructions of their sports coaches when it comes to tournaments and physical stamina. If one is overweight, he or she should shed off the extra calories with an exercise and diet chart. Such charts should be strictly followed as the results are carefully monitored before the commencement of the tournament.

Training and preparation

Athletes need to take extra care of themselves if they wish to achieve their goals of winning. They should have a high protein diet and make sure they do not eat on an empty stomach. They need to be careful if the food they eat before the tournament. The athlete cannot afford to fall sick. This is why they take food that can easily be digested before the commencement of the tournament.

The importance of drinking water

The intense workouts and schedule of athletes mean they should drink a lot of water. They perspire often, and exercise becomes tough for them. The athlete should ensure the required amounts of water is drank daily. He or she should drink water pre and post the workout session. The color of the urine will determine whether the athlete is dehydrated or not. The color of the urine should be pale yellow and not too dark. If the color of the urine is dark- this means the athlete is dehydrated.

According to Jack Elway, the above are just some simple tips for athletes to remember when they wish to do well in professional tournaments. Discipline means obeying the rules and regulations of coaches and sports bodies so that they can perform well. Care and caution should always be taken with the food one eat when into sports. Water is crucial as well. Sufficient amounts of water should be consumed so that the athlete does not suffer from dehydration before or after the tournament.

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