Is Pink Diamonds Just Another Investment Option

Is Pink Diamonds Just Another Investment Option

These days coloured diamonds are in huge demand because of its chunky and bright color. As a part of costume jewellery coloured diamonds are getting popularity. And when it is an enthralling pink diamond, it becomes a part of your most prised treasure forever.

So let’s discuss about investment in pink diamonds.

Global Demand

Pink diamonds in both loose state or in jewellery are assets and have been one of the stable things to invest in. People from all over the world are getting more and more interested in investing on precious gemstones. And pink diamonds are the most lovable ones. It is not only a trend to wear coloured diamonds, but pink diamonds have that exclusive vibe.

It has become a treasure asset as many investors are in search of authentic and high-quality pink diamonds. People who have sound knowledge in diamonds are more likely to invest in this kind of diamond. But even if you are a beginner, you may try your hand for the first time with pink diamonds. Just make sure find the best pink diamond seller.

Regular or Argyle

There are two variants of pink diamonds. The regular pink diamonds are less expensive. The argyle pink diamonds are expensive and have the right kind of glamour that investors generally look for in coloured diamonds. Before investing in argyle pink diamonds learn well about the stone and consult with gemstone exerts.

Rare Gem

One of the main reasons to invest in pink diamond is that they are getting rarer and rarer. It is difficult to find an original pink diamond as it is a rare kind and is only common in some few places in the world. Regions that have pink diamond mines are Australia, Africa, Russia and Canada. The argyle mine at Western Australia is said to be the best place to get pink diamonds. The colour and brightness of the pink diamonds found in Australia is unmatched. And it is the one place that supplies world’s 90% pink diamonds.

At one time in the future you may not find this rare jewel ever again. No wonder why it is so much demanded. The good news is the Argyle mine will be closed down by 2020 to stop the exhaustion of the natural resources.

Tangible Investment

Once you invest in pink diamonds, it is easy to store or move it from one place to another, unlike other forms of investments. You can convert your gemstone into a beautiful jewellery any time and wear without any worry of damaging the stone.

It can be said that no matter what your diamond preference is like, pink diamonds are going to make you fall for it. So, if you plan to invest, get in touch with the best pink diamond seller. Also, always go for the certified stones before you buy. Learn well about the cut, shape and grade of the pink diamond you plan to buy. Keep your diamond certificate properly as that carries the details of the stone you buy.

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