How to Mend Your Broken Heart with Food and Drinks

How to Mend Your Broken Heart with Food and Drinks

They say post breakup drinking is never a good idea. But in truth, most of the write-ups are plain moralizing. Preaching that you can mend a broken heart by making yourself busy; by doing a lot of stuff — that takes a lot of work. What if you need a quick fix because your memory is painfully meddling with your feelings again? Sometimes really, you can’t help it. You get lonely at the end of the day and you have that gut feeling in you that only a couple of beers could help ease your pain. But isn’t drinking bad? I say it is not– if done in moderation. To help lighten up your chest a bit. And who said you’d been ill-advised to binge drink for a very long time?

Learn to Let Your Feelings Go

There’s a difference between drinking to ease what you feel and drinking in binge hoping it will numb you forever. Humans need to feel their pain in order to heal. Weird advice huh? That seems like an odd logic but it actually works. You see, you can’t really heal something you haven’t acknowledge. So own that feeling. Feel. You are human, capable of intense and negative emotions.

You felt inadequate because of the breakup. Your mind at times gets flooded with questions like: “Was I not enough? Why did he/she left me? Am I ugly? Is there something that I lack?” To tell you frankly friend, yes in his or her perspective — you might have lacked something. Otherwise, there are just people who are complete jerks and jerkettes who leave people for no apparent reason. Relationships are complex, even more complex than the flavorful drinks. Kidding aside, it’s either one of the two.But one thing is for sure — it is over between the two of you. And you’ve gotta pull yourself together and let your feelings go.

Negative emotions when kept for a long time is like poison for the soul. Anger, resentment, frustration when holed up in your chest for a very long time can mess up your life. For one, if you tend to vent it to the other people around you, it could affect your familial and other interpersonal relationships.

Past memories will definitely put a tear on your cheek. Cry it out. You’ve read it right. Let it out. Mourning is essential to move forward. As mentioned before, you’ve got to feel your feelings. A scientific fun fact even, when we cry out of sadness our body releases chemicals which is essential for healing any type of pain.

Eat Happy Foods

You may have had a lot of wonderful moments together, but yet again the relationship didn’t work. The truth is we cannot erase those memories. If you have selective amnesia you could do that, and time only blurs or past experiences, but for old times sake remember the good ones.

If you can’t fight the feeling of being lonely or sad, the best thing you could do is to eat. Yes, eat! There are certain foods and drinks that could light up your mood, according to science. Fresh prawns, for example, is high in vitamin B12 and iron, which are great for combating anaemia, fatigue and depression. Chocolates are another source of good vibes as they help your brain secrete serotonin, which is important to a person happy. Whether you choose to pig out on fresh prawns or chocolates, make sure not to overdo it; you don’t want to be unhealthy!

Sometimes drinking alone makes us realize things that we haven’t thought of before. That’s why unlike others who forfeit it, there are those who advise the opposite when done in the moderate manner for the purpose of sorting out feelings. Also, bars are places of social interaction. It couldn’t be helped that maybe just maybe the person whom you’d been looking for is sitting just beside you during one of your trips to the bar.

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