Best Mystery Novels Ever Written

Best Mystery Novels Ever Written

What better book is there than a carefully crafted mystery? The reader is left scratching one’s head and racking one’s brain for the answer as one turn page after page chasing the protagonist through intrigue and murder. A great mystery book gives you just enough clues that you could solve it for yourself but keeps just enough to itself that you’re still shocked when it comes time for the big reveal.

Mystery books both old and new share their love of shadow and sleight of hand, they keep secrets and seduce the reader into an orgy of page-turning ecstasy and excitement. Here’s our pick of some of the best mystery novels ever written.

Catching A Miracle

By Mark Spinicelli

On the other end of the spectrum Catching A Miracle’s protagonist is a doctor on the hunt for the cure to cancer. She is forced into a race against time as she fights off conspiracy, corruption and more to save her daughter’s life and fights for a brighter future. It’s an inspiring read full of guts, determination, and optimism. The book is part of a trilogy but stands by itself as a great work of fiction, if you want to dive in further to Spinicelli’s world of medical intrigue you can.

Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn

There’s a reason why it was impossible to escape this novel when it was released and that is because it is utterly spellbinding. Flynn does the impossible in using protagonists that are utterly reprehensible and unlikable and yet you feel for them both and their story. You are launched headfirst into the mystery from the first page and even the narrators seem clueless as to what is going on and they’re supposedly wrapped up in the middle of it. It culminates in a final chapter that is literally soaked in blood.

The Maltese Falcon

By Dashiell Hammet

This is the book that invented it all, it’s a classic, and it still holds up to today’s standards. No best-written mystery novels list would be complete without it, and even if it wasn’t specifically noted, its presence would no doubt be felt in the many other stories it has inspired. Told completely in the third person the spy novel only tells you what the characters say or do, never what they are thinking, which was fairly unique at the time and left the reader in the dark completely adding to the mystery and making it all the more nail-bitingly enticing to try and work out.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

By Arthur Conan Doyle

Another absolute literary classic and for very good reason. In this collection of 12 short stories collected from their Strand Magazine series in the early 1890s, this is a fine example of precisely why Holmes is the revered and unforgettable hero that he is. Whilst some may say The Hound Of The Baskervilles is the most intriguing Holmes story, this gives you a much more broad scope view of Doyle’s brilliance when it comes to crafting cunning narratives and plots for Watson and Holmes to unweave.

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