What You Need To Know About Solar Energy and Solar Panel Working

What You Need To Know About Solar Energy and Solar Panel Working

Solar energy is available from the Sun which works as a nuclear reactor and sends tiny packets of energy continuously. These small packets of energy are known as photons, and these photons travel to earth in about 8.5 minutes after covering 93 million miles. There are enough protons generated every hour that can provide enough solar energy for covering the entire need of the earth. One of the best ways to capture this vast solar energy is through right solar panels like the Solar Panels Long Island. The use of solar panels can effectively harness solar energy and can reduce the cost of electricity by a large degree.

How solar panels work? When photons traveling from the Sun hit a solar cell, it will knock the electrons of atoms and the electrons will get loose. When conductors have attached to negative and the positive sides of the cell, it forms an electrical circuit. When electrons start flowing through the circuit, electricity gets generated, and use of multiple cells can make up a solar panel. Multiple solar panels can be wired together to make a full-fledged solar array and more the panels you deploy, and more energy can be generated.

How are solar panels made? The photovoltaic solar panels are made up of many solar cells, and the material of construction of solar cells is silicon. There is a positive and a negative layer that creates an electric field just like the working of a battery.

How is electricity generated in a solar panel? The photovoltaic solar panels generate DC or direct electric current, where the electrons flow in one particular direction. The electron will move from the negative side to the positive side like the working of a battery for powering a light bulb. In case of alternating current or the AC, there is a periodical reversal of direction like the working of the cylinder of a car. AC electricity is usually chosen in the power grid as it is less costly when it is transmitted over a long distance. The DC electricity that is made in the solar panels is converted to AC by the use of an inverter.

Working principle of solar inverter: When DC electricity from a solar array is passed through the solar inverter; it converts DC into AC electricity. The solar inverter apart from inverting the DC into AC electricity also can protect the ground fault and provide system statistics. The system statistics may include energy production, voltage and the current on DC and AC circuits, and tracking of maximum power.

Working system of solar panels: When sunlight hits a solar panel like the Solar Panels Long Island, it gets converted to DC. The DC flows towards a solar inverter that converts the DC into AC for use at home. The current produced is very clean and efficient, and also it can be very affordable for the consumers. With a standard grid-tied Photo Voltaic system, more energy is generated during peak daylight hours.  The excess energy that is produced can be fed back to the grid to use somewhere else. A customer can get credit to this excess energy produced and can use the credit to draw electricity from the grid at night.

About the author: The author of the article is having extensive experience in solar panel installations that have been working successfully. Millions of people have got tremendously benefitted through the solar panel installations with the advice of the author that have proved very economical.

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