Peter Zieve Focuses on the Issues of the Mukilteo Residents

Peter Zieve Focuses on the Issues of the Mukilteo Residents

A city council plays a major role in making sure that a city runs in a smooth fashion. The members of this council ideally prioritize the environmental, social, economic, as well as the cultural wellbeing of the local community.  Hence, it is important to elect efficient and well qualified members like Peter Zieve in a city council. Mr. Zieve essentially is a MIT graduate who completed a BS in Electrical Engineering. He then acquired a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington in Mechanical Engineering.  He subsequently founded his own company, the Electroimpact in the July of 1986. He is highly interested in the domain of politics, and often writes articles and blogs for the USA Herald. It is a major news website.

Mukilteo is a city located in the Snohomish County of Washington. This city essentially is located on the Puget Sound area between Everett and Edmonds. Mukilteo lies about 25 miles towards the north of Seattle. Mukilteo holds the reputation of being a bedroom community that has a small employment base that majorly deals with manufacturing industries. It also has emerged as a key transportation hub having connections to the Whidbey Island. Mukilteo is largely recognized for the premium quality of life present there. This city also boasts of been one of the most prosperous destinations of the Washington state and has quite a high median income.

Peter Zieve is one of the most prominent people belonging to the world of business in Mukilteo, and essentially is campaigning to become a part of its city council.  In his campaign, Mr. Zieve focuses on various issues and concerns that are close to the heart of people of Mukilteo. Here are a few issues that he aims to work on the behalf of the people of Mukilteo in case he gets selected to its city council:

  • There are 285 cities present in the grand state of Washington. Among all of them, Mukilteo is essentially tied at the second place when it comes to highest sales tax. The sales tax prevalent here is 10.3%.  The city council additionally has voted to put an extra increase of 0.1% on the ballot. The city council of Mukilteo additionally aims to add $20 to the car tabs, as well as to raise the property taxes prevailing here. Peter Zieve however highlights that this increase is required to be rolled back, and the city has to know how to live within the means available.

  • Currently the city of Mukilteo has invested about $18M in Rosehill Community Center, as well as $7M in a new city hall. Neither of these two projects is focused at serving the families present in the locality. Mr. Zieveaims at making Mukilteo a much more child, family and resident focused community. As per now, Mukilteo has no ball fields and sports facilities, no playgrounds south of 92nd street, as well as the upcoming Boys and Girls Club here continues to get detailed.  Being a family person and having children of his own, Peter Zieve is highly sensitive to these issues. He aims at making the neighborhood extremely family friendly, where the children can play freely and safely.

Mr. Zieve strives to work towards the development and overall benefit of the people of Mukilteo in the modern times.

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