John Eilermann And His Passion For Soccer

John Eilermann And His Passion For Soccer

Soccer has been a favorite kind of sport for ages, from infants to aged people; individuals of all ages have always been in love with the game. Known by different names at different places, this game is t just a way to spend your leisure but also a great way to maintain your health. Being an outdoor sport, soccer helps you keep your muscles toned and your body agile. John Eilermann is one such soccer lover and his favorite team is the Chicago, he believes that he has inherited this love for the game form his father.

Learning how to play this game of ball was not as easy as it is today in the old times, now even the schools have included the game as part of their curriculum. They recruit coaches who have considerable knowledge of the game and are capable of imparting the same, both theoretically and practically. The experts of soccer emphasize the fact that this is not a game that you can play by focusing just on one kind of skill; on the contrary you should have the attitude of enhancing your skills of playing the game each time. This game gives you scope of improvement and innovation at all times and that is what will set you apart from the others.

So, you need to know the basic skills that are required in the playing of soccer in order to be able to play the game efficiently; but before that you must always learn about the game, educate yourself about it. this helps you to get a clear picture of what is what in the game and you do not feel lost, it is thus that the children in schools are imparted theoretical knowledge of the game before going onto play the game for real.

Formation is one of the key elements of soccer; it refers to the placement of players during the game. Depending on the situation at the time of play and by gauging the skills of the opponents, the players plan their positions in a way that they can give their best to secure a win. The formation of a 4-3-3 is used when the opponent seems to be very strong defenders or ultra defensive; on the contrary, if it is seen that the opponents are ultra offensive then the formation of 4-4-2 should be adopted. The first set of players is the defenders, the second set is the midfielders and the last set the forwards or the centers.

Having the skill of dribbling is a mandatory skill in order to play soccer, this even a soccer fan like John Eilermannwould also agree. Although this is one of the most difficult skills to master, yet without it is almost impossible to play the game. This is the art of careful and strategically taking the ball towards the opponent’s goal post to score a goal and make a point. All those who have mastered this art have always been a star figure in any game.

Heading is yet another skill that any soccer player needs to inculcate, along with passing and establishing a strong team work to defeat your opponent.

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